industrial designer



"Designer is the modern artist, who responds to the human needs of his time, and help people to solve certain problems without stylistic preconceptions or false notion of artistic dignity derived from the schism of the arts." 

Bruno Munari



The 'Harry Moment'

Painting and photography has always allowed me to tell a story and capture the details of a moment.  Like the fine arts, a balance of sensibility and empathy, design gives me the ability to create many moments, hopefully one that is timeless.

My friends tease me about having a “Harry Moment” where I obsess over finding the intersection, that targeted place between innovation, need and emotion and a balance of art, business and tech. Collecting data, iterating concepts, finding opportunities and finessing the form factor, I always consider how people experience design. There is meaning in objects, and I hope, as a designer to create that for others.

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