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An affordable prosthetic leg that allows below knee amputees take shower freely.


The most current prosthesis, which has to be custom made at a high cost ($3000-$40000) can not fulfill the simplest need of taking shower and cleanning residual limb. 

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Lytra is the one and only affordable prosthetic leg designed to allow for below-the-knee amputees to take showers safely and maintain residual limb hygiene.

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Inspired by the Charles and Ray Eames Leg splint (c.1942 Molded plywood), I wanted to explore the potential of sheet materials and thermal forming techniques to not only solve the problem, but also minimize the cost and add a humanistic touch to the prosthesis.  



A full decent wash

With the support from Lytra, amputees can wash in the shower safely and care for their residual limb. Place one hand on the back for support to allow removal of the residual limb. The open bottom design allows easy washing and drying.

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Comfortable and hygienic

The socket comes with XS, S, M, L and XL. It has a silicone gel bottom to provide a soft and comfortable support to the residual limb. It is interchangeable for hygienic purposes. 

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The flexible foot allows amputees to move more naturally in the bathroom. The slip-resistant rubber outsole is textured in a pattern to provide a strong grip against the floor and to prevent hydroplaning.


Form sheets to structures

Lytra is a prosthetic leg made from Proteus® Sheet (medical grade polypropylene). The sheets are molded into curvatures and assembled together to gain incredible strength as a unit. Lytra is designed to be manufactured. It is produced with sustainable processes that benefit by economies of scales. 


Easy to assemble

With simple instructions, users can assemble Lytra in a few steps. Every part in Lytra is interchangeable. Any component that is damaged or deformed can be replaced with a new part without requiring the user to purchase a new leg.

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Modular and personal

Lytra is a modular design that meets universal needs. It comes with a wide variety of parts that can be selected by users and purchased from online/clinic right-away. By its modular nature, users are able to personalize their Lytra to their preference. Unlike a stone-cold prosthesis, Lytra is a body extension that has a unique bond with users.

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