industrial designer

Design makes me see more

Design makes me see more.


The 'Harry Moment'

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China, where the poetic eastern culture emerges. While I was designing, I think of art. I strive to create meaningful objects and solve problems artfully.

To me, design is all about the details. I scrutinize all my designs. Not only the details of how it would look, but also how it means to us. Every millimeter matters, even the negative space of a design. I find it therapeutic to finesse details over and over again until I achieve something I think fits both my user as well as myself as a designer. My peers and teachers call this habit of mine, the "Harry Moment". Some may argue that it is time consuming, but I think this is an investment and respect to design as well as my career. This "Harry Moment" is something I cherish and have seen success throughout.