industrial designer



"Designer is the modern artist, who responds to the human needs of his time, and help people to solve certain problems without stylistic preconceptions or false notion of artistic dignity derived from the schism of the arts." 

Bruno Munari



The 'Harry Moment'

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China, where similar to LA, multiple cultures merge. My original roots are in fine arts from both Eastern and Western influences. While the exposure and gallery shows as an artist were rewarding, I wanted to do something more for the world we live in. Combined with my visual art skills and desire to solve problems, I naturally fell in love with the purpose and the process of industrial design.

To me, design is all about the details. I scrutinize all my designs. Not only the details of how it would look, but also how it means to us. Every millimeter matters, even the negative space of a design. I find it therapeutic to finesse details over and over again until I achieve something I think fits both my user as well as myself as a designer. My peers and teachers call this habit of mine, the "Harry Moment". Some may argue that it is time consuming, but I think this is an investment and respect to design as well as my career. This "Harry Moment" is something I cherish and have seen success throughout.

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